Meet Thérèse Eve

Thérèse Eve exudes an electrifying and powerful presence that leaves an indelible mark on those who feel her soulful energy. A multi-passionate and unconventional entrepreneur, she is a highly gifted Master Herbalist, Sensual Feminine Confidence Coach and Holistic Wellness Business Strategist who exudes originality in every aspect of her being. Those who've had the pleasure of an encounter with her can attest to her transformative impact.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, Thérèse is a seasoned veteran entrepreneur who has achieved great success in various wellness niches, creative fields, and has graced national press and media platforms. Her philosophy centers on promoting Lifestyle Freedom, and she teaches her clients the art of building their businesses and living their lives with Ease, Grace, and Flow™ . It's not uncommon to hear her remark, "I run my business from the front face of my phone," and she desires the same level of ease for her clients.

Thérèse's seemingly endless capabilities have left many wondering if there's anything she can't do. She's also the mastermind behind three signature courses that focus on Herbalism, Sensual Feminine Confidence, and Cardology - each designed to help participants awaken, embody and live a fulfilling life. Therese's unconventional spirit and powerful presence leave an unforgettable mark on everyone she encounters.

Sacred Communiqué

Your Spiritual Compass to Infuse Your Life with the Essence of Ease, Grace and Flow! Weaving Spirituality, Ancestral Wisdom and Acute Awareness into every facet of your Life, from Love to Livelihood, enriched by the Rhythms of Nature and the Cosmos.
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