How do you want to feel inside your life, work and love?

Are you clear about how you want to feel?

Let me share a secret with you until you are clear on what you want; it may not be easy to manifest all the amazing things you want in your life until you have clarity!! 

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been digging deep inside myself, healing some parts of me, and clarifying how I wanted to feel inside my life. If you’ve ever been in my presence, taken a class, taken a manifestation class, or been a part of my Herbalism in a Weekend, you can attest to this.

I’ve spent time unpacking myself as a Manifestor in Human Design for the last two years. I’ve unpacked everything I could unpack, and through that process, I have come up with new ideas and newness about myself. I have figured out how I want to feel inside my life, work, and love. I have also created a clear image of where and how I want to see myself and the parts I need to heal. Healing has been instrumental for me to connect deeply with how I want to feel.

In this episode, I share my healing and manifestation journey. I also share some nuggets that you can borrow and apply in your life, work and love today. 

Listen to hear more. 

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:19] The six guiding factors in my life

[09:33] The importance of moving your body

[12:01] The Power of Manifestation

[14:01] Getting crystal clear on what you want

[17:05] Healing to have an Amazing Life 

[20:23] Cultivating feelings through Imagination

Magical Quotes from this Episode:

“We just can’t do live with everybody. I learnt this in my growth, development, and healing. Everybody is not here for a lifetime; some people are just for a season.”

“As we evolve and grow, we must allow people to be who they want. Not everybody is going to grow and evolve with us.”

“Sensuality is the connection and the Activation of YOUR Six Senses.”

If anything, I said today resonates with you, reach out. I can help you manifest the life of your dreams with ease, grace, and flow. Book a Consultation

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